Gateway Labrador Visitor Centre

The complex is home to the Edmund Montague Exhibit Hall which has on display many artifacts representing Labrador West and the entire Labrador region – its history, culture and people. As well, the hall showcases the fur trading and mining history of Labrador. As Labrador West is the only gateway to Labrador by road, rail, and air, this facility provides a much-needed venue for tourists to discover the history of Western Labrador and elsewhere in the vast region.

Montague Hall traces 3500 years of human habitation in Labrador West but more importantly it helps to debunk the popular misconception that Labrador West’s history is comprised only of mining. The exhibit traces the arrival of the first indigenous peoples, the arrival of the French fur traders at Ashuanipi in 1695, the establishment of the Hudson Bay site of Fort Nascopie in 1838, and on to the mega-projects of rail, hydro, and mining.

Photos are also on display which depicts the history of Labrador City, Happy Valley – Goose Bay and the interior of Labrador

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Gateway Labrador Visitor Centre

1365 Route 500 Nichols-Adam Highway
Labrador City, NL A2V 2K3 

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