French Shore Interpretation Centre

Located in Conche on the Great Northern Peninsula. Housed in a former Grenfell nursing station in Conche, the French Shore Interpretation Centre highlights authentic French sites scattered throughout the French Shore the communities of Conche, Croque and Grandois/St. Julien’s.

The French Shore Historical Society was formed in February 2000 to preserve the history and material culture surrounding the communities of Conche, Croque, Grandois-St.Julien’s and Main Brook. This region was historically known as part of the “French Shore”. The French Shore Historical Society interprets and preserves the history of the French Migritory Fishery and the local History as well.

Public areas, picnic areas, public washrooms

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French Shore Interpretation Centre

Conche, NL A0K 1Y0 


(709) 622-3500

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